Hi! I’m Julie Fox-McClure. I have lived in the beautiful countryside of Northern Vermont for the past two decades on a 20-acre mini-farm with my husband Hilary and my children Zoe (19) and Owen (14). We’ve raised an assortment of animals over the years, along with a large vegetable and herb garden. I have been a food professional, baker, sometime chef and caterer for my entire adult life and have a culinary degree from New England Culinary Institute.

I’ve always struggled some with my weight, especially after the birth of my second child when I was 42. I also acquired an autoimmune digestive disorder called lymphocytic colitis. My husband has been working with a paleo diet since 2001 and it had been very good for him, so at the age of 44, I started with paleo, which helped with some digestive issues but not my weight. I then enhanced my diet with low-carb and keto. My digestive problems cleared up without drugs, and fifty pounds melted off and stayed off.

I was very disciplined with my diet and was sorry to say goodbye to bread and my identity as a baker, but none of the substitute products or recipes worked for me or my family. I couldn’t give up the idea of bread and kept tinkering with formulas until I found something that really worked.

Paleo(f)x 2015 was our official launch. I had been sitting on these buns for a couple of years, selling locally to friends and family and a nutritionist who uses it for clients with metabolic disorders. Giving up bread seems to be a major obstacle for some people trying to turn their health around, and this product can help with that.

Today we are expanding our business and are looking forward to moving into a larger facility to expand even more. We have to have a store presence within the next year. Many thanks for everyone’s support.