Fox Hill Kitchens’ awesome paleo “Bunz” fit well into a low carb or ketogenic lifestyle.

The low carbohydrate way of eating has various names and definitions.

Also known as Atkins, low carb high fat (LCHF), and ketogenic diet to name a few. Most people who adopt this way of eating find that it is easier to lose weight and then maintain their weight loss after they have achieved their goals. The low carbohydrate diet may help control and regulate blood sugars. This can be very useful to the increasing number of people with diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions.

Often, when first going low carb, many people have serious sugar cravings and eat products that have artificial sweeteners. This feels fine for some folks, and helps them keep their sugar consumption down, but for others they may find that it either stalls their weight loss, leads to more cravings, or causes digestive distress.

In addition to sweets, one of the most difficult foods to give up are bread products. The desire and craving for bread is often the “deal breaker” for those wanting the benefits of the low carbohydrate lifestyle. The rolls and baguettes in the basket at the restaurant, the bun with the burger, a sandwich, or an english muffin with the eggs benedict….and so on.

The many gluten-free options available at markets and restaurants are generally not low-carb, being high in starches and/or sugars. Many other low-carb bread products have ingredients such as soy, pure wheat gluten, whey powder, or a long list of unpronounceable chemicals.
So yes, you can now have bread, toast, grilled cheese, and a burger with a bun, and not affect your blood sugar. One large Fox Hill Kitchens bun has under 4 net grams of carbs! If you have a small toasted bun with a tablespoon (half ounce) of butter, that comes to, 5.2g protein, 18.32g fat and less than 2.6g of net carbohydrates. Those are very pleasing numbers to the low-carb high-fat eater. And if you are counting, only about 200 calories!


My own experience with going low carb started out with a fair amount of artificial zero-carb sweeteners, but I realized over time that they were causing me more distress than satisfaction. This is where the paleo diet started to enter my life. No grains, legumes, or dairy (in my case, with the exception of grassfed butter, ghee and pure heavy cream) But the bread, oh the bread…I thought that I would never eat something that tasted like real bread, pretty much ever again.

Developing the recipe for these buns has been such a pleasure. To be able to just have a piece of buttered toast with breakfast again can be absolutely dreamy.
Welcome back to bread!

More about paleo soon.

There are so many wonderful books websites blogs and links for excellent information, on carb restricted diets. Here are just a few:

Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, M.D.

Keto Clarity, by Jimmy Moore and Eric Westman, M.D.

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