Fox Hill Kitchens Featured in Paleo Plan’s “Evolve Your Life” Kit

Fox Hill Kitchens is partnering with our friends at Paleo Plan. They just launched an amazing “Evolve Your Life” bundle with $1,000+ worth of books and coupons for top-of-the-line Paleo food, supplements, and products.

Whether you’re new to the Paleo lifestyle or a seasoned pro, Paleo Plan’s #EvolveKit has everything you need!

  • Paleo/Primal eBooks
  • Fitness challenges
  • Worshkops and eCourses
  • Paleo and Primal transition guides
  • Lifestyle resources
  • LOADS of coupon codes for natural living products
  • And MUCH more…

Best of all, the entire downloadable kit (Retail Value: $1,137+) is only $29!


Click on this easy link to check out these terrific deals to enhance your well-being:

Fox Hill Kitchens Featured in Paleo Plan's "Evolve Your Life" Kit