5 Painless Actions to Confidently Stick to ANY Diet When Dining Out!

Stick to ANY Diet When Dining Out

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So you have made some New Year’s resolutions to change the way you eat, but you feel a sense of dread every time you leave the house. Trying to ditch the wheat, maintain a low carb or keto diet, or more of a paleo/primal lifestyle can seriously sabotage your diet when dining out. 

Change your Mindset regarding your diet when dining out.

It’s important to remind yourself that you are not “depriving” yourself of foods, but instead making choices that empower you. You will have to stand firm and remind those around you that you are making healthy choices that make you happy, especially if you are on a restrictive diet when dining out. The tactic that I find works well for me is to plan ahead and bring along a few items that will help remind me that I am not missing out on anything. 

Ask your people to support your decisions to maintain a healthy diet when dining out.

Whether it is going to a friend’s or relative’s house, or to a restaurant, you will most likely encounter a chorus of encouragement to “indulge” in sugar, wheat, or corn. “Just this once…,” or “It’s a special occasion!” I have heard enticements like these so often. I’ve learned a polite but firm response that works for me. I assure whoever is trying to “tempt” me (be they my loved ones or strangers) that I feel most content when I stick to the eating habits that help me feel my best.

If you are worried about the conversation around your diet when dining out, announcing before the meal that you have made some healthy switches in your life and would appreciate their support can go a long way!

The 5 painless actions to confidently stick to ANY diet when dining out!

Listen it’s all about planning. All of these actions are to make you feel satisfied even if you are on a diet when dining out! It’s as simple as Bring Your Own…


Going out for burgers? Sure, you can simply order without the bun or get a lettuce wrap, but why not bring your own bun? Your burger is much more satisfying and you can feel great! Our Large Bunz are an ideal size for restaurant-sized burgers and sandwiches. 


Croutons are one of those ingredients that make a salad so good and rarely offered as a gluten-free option. Put a small bag in your purse and your ready to hit the restaurant!  


Going out for wings? Dressing is full of hidden ingredients, including gluten, and unnecessary calories. Slip some homemade ranch dressing, or whatever other dressing you love, into your bag.


Do you have a hard time saying no to that bread basket or the dinner roll accompanying your meal? Bring your own made from our All-Purpose Bread Mix or a few of the Small Bunz! They’ll come in handy for any potluck, party, or buffet. Tear one open and still enjoy all your favorite dips and spreads.


Invited to a party or going to get some famous New England Calm Chowder? Bring your own Crackers, or Crisps as we call ours, to get that delightful crunch that so hits the spot

Can I really bring my own to a restaurant?

Yes! As long as you are paying full-price, restaurant staff could care less. I have never encountered a negative response to the BYO… method while dining out. I just cheerfully let the server know that I am on a sugar restricted diet, or that I have a reaction from eating certain ingredients. It’s the equivalent of bringing a packet of stevia to a coffee shop. Ideally, more restaurants will start to offer low carb and keto/paleo options. But in the meantime, there’s no reason you should have to sacrifice or feel deprived while on a diet when dining out. 

Enjoy life, eat what makes you feel your best, and remember to BYOB!

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