How to Stick to Your Low Carb Lifestyle Even While Dining Out – BYOB!

So you have made some New Year’s resolutions to change the way you eat, but you feel a sense of dread every time you leave the house. Trying to ditch the wheat, maintain a low carb or keto diet, or more of a paleo/primal lifestyle can be seriously sabotaged when dining out. Whether it is going to a friend’s or relative’s house, or to a restaurant, you will most likely encounter a chorus of encouragement to “indulge” in sugar, wheat, or corn. “Just this once…,” or “It’s a special occasion!” I have heard enticements like these so often. I’ve learned a polite but firm response that works for me. I assure whoever is trying to “tempt” me (be they my loved ones or strangers) that I feel most content when I stick to the eating habits that help me feel my best.

It’s important to stand firm on the fact that you don’t consider skipping foods that you are avoiding to be “depriving” yourself. But it can also help to bring a little back up. The tactic that I find works well for me is to plan ahead and bring along a few items that will help remind me that I am not missing out on anything. One of the more obvious examples (you can see this coming) is “Bring your own Bunz.”

Here are some things to add to your list of things to grab when you’re on the way out the door:
  • Going out for burgers? Sure, you can always simply order without the bun. But you can also just grab one out of the freezer and bring it along.
  • Making melba toast or croutons with your Fox Hill Kitchens Bunz is also a great way to bring them along.
  • Going out for wings? Slip some homemade ranch dressing into your bag. Have you ever read the ingredient list in a bottle of dressing?
  • Rollz and Hollz, are are handy for a potluck party or buffet. Tear one open and enjoy the dips and spreads.
  • Make a few batches of a favorite paleo/keto snacks or treats ahead of time. Portion it up and pop it in the freezer.
  • Sunday brunch? Small Bunz are perfect for keeping eggs benedict low-carb.

Don’t be scared. I have never encountered a negative response to the BYOB method while dining out. I just cheerfully let the server know that I am on a sugar restricted diet, or that I have a reaction from eating certain ingredients. It’s the equivalent of bringing a packet of stevia to a coffee shop. Ideally, more restaurants will start to offer low carb and keto/paleo options. But in the meantime, there’s no reason you should have to sacrifice or be made to feel that the way you eat is a sacrifice.

Enjoy life, eat what makes you feel your best, and remember to BYOB!

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