Fantastic Keto Grilled Cheese Recipe (Your Kids Will Love!)

Keto Grilled Cheese with Fox Hill Kitchens Bunz

We love making this keto grilled cheese recipe whenever we show at conventions. Every time we have numerous people come up to us saying how much they’ve missed this staple in comfort food, having given up on it since starting a ketogenic/low-carb diet and they can’t believe how delicious these keto grilled cheese are!  

Because of all the positive feedback, we wanted to share a few helpful tips on making quick and delicious keto grilled cheeses using our low carb bread.

Flip Your Bunz!

If you are using Fox Hill Kitchen’s Bunz, it is super important to flip the sliced bun inside-out. 

The top of the bun will be on the inside, and the inside of the bun is in contact with the grill, cook top, or pan. 

Don't Skip The Fat & Press While Cooking

To get that wonderfully crisp keto grilled cheese you remember from your childhood, you need to use some type of fat. This will bring out the flavors in your bread as well as keep it from drying out. 

Lightly press your keto grilled cheese to ensure even browning. We use a sandwich press, but the back of a spatula works amazing as well!

Keto Grilled Cheese Made with Fox Hill Kitchens Bread Mix

Cheese it UP!

Don’t be afraid of using more than one slice of cheese! At conventions we always use at least 2 slices of cheese to make sure there is lovely ratio of cheese to bread on our keto grilled cheese. 

Swing For the Flavor Fences

One great thing about keto grilled cheese is the wide variety of ingredient combinations you can use.  

For example, create a keto grilled cheese breakfast sandwich by adding a fried egg, and your choice of breakfast meat. Alternatively, you can go savory by adding in avocado slices!

One of our favorite is making a Grown Up Grilled Cheese that includes crispy bacon, tomato, a slice of turkey, and our favorite 30 Second Mayo Recipe.

Fantastic Keto Grilled Cheese Recipe:

Keto and Low Carb Grilled Cheese Recipe

Course: Snack
Cuisine: American
Keyword: keto grilled cheese


  • 6 Fox Hill Kitchen's Small Bunz
  • 12 slices cheddar cheese (or preferred choice of cheese)
  • 3 tbsp. butter (or preffered fat)


  • Preheat the cooktop over medium heat
  • Slice Small Bunz
  • Generously apply fat to the inside of each bun slice
  • Make your sandwich by placing one slice of bun on cooktop, add two slices of cheese, top with the other slice of the bun.
    Remember to have the fat covered side of the bun facing out, as that is the side you want to cook.
  • Lightly press the sandwich to ensure even cooking and coloring
  • Once golden brown, flip over and cook on the opposite side
  • With both sides golden brown and cheese melted, remove from heat
  • Enjoy!

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