Labor Day Paleo Bread Sale at Fox Hill Kitchens: With the arrival of September and the leaves just beginning to change here in northern Vermont, kids are heading back to school, and Labor Day weekend is at hand. We are honoring all this by offering a special discount on our Small Bunz.


…and goes for 3 DAYS ONLY — Saturday, Sunday, and Monday  —  receive a HUGE 20% OFF on our Small Bunz! And as always, shipping is free on orders of 6 packages (or any increment of 6: 12,18, 24 ….etc.)

The end of August signals a change of seasons, but even more, the beginning of the new school year. For many of us this means breakfast on-the-go, packed lunches, and after-school snacks. When preparing lunches and snacks, the convenience of sandwiches is back with a vengeance. We all want to feed those we love in the healthiest way we possibly can, but most bread products contain ingredients that we might be trying to avoid (gluten, sugars, starches, or additives). Sometimes we are too busy, or we just run out of ideas, and we compromise.

But we don’t need to give up our ideals and health goals in order to make a quick lunch or snack. With our grain-free, low-carb bread products, you can make a whole host of easy and healthy meals:

  • Simple nut- or seed-butter sandwiches with fresh fruit or honey

  • Toast with fresh local chevre and roasted red peppers

  • Sandwiches with humanely raised meats and wild caught fish

  • Classic favorites — turkey and cheese, roast beef, or tuna or salmon salad

  • Mini toaster pizzas with your favorite toppings

  • Even grilled cheese!

All of these can be made in just minutes! It can be easy to eat the way that feels best for you.

This sale is short, so don’t miss out! We are rarely able to offer such a deep discount, so now is the time to stock up!

Please note, there is an 18 package limit per customer on Small Bunz.