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6 pack small Awesome Bunz from Fox Hill Kitchens




Just like our flagship prepared products, our All-Purpose Keto Bread Mix is Gluten-free and grain-free; paleo and primal friendly; Zero sugars and low in net carbohydrates; will not raise your blood sugar; and great for ketogenic diets; free of soy, canola, and GMO ingredients.

Create Delicious Bunz and Bagelz identical to our bakery products right in your own home! Because well, nothing beats bread right out of the oven.

In addition to our classics you can make pizza, pockets, wraps, focaccia, and SO much more!! The possibilities are endless! Not to mention they are easy to make and require barely any additional needed ingredients!

Limited freezer space? You can add mix (or Croutonz) to any order to help qualify for our $75 free shipping minimum!!

"I love this brand! Super clean ingredients!"


"The croutonz literally taste like perfection and the
bunz are everything you need a keto bun to be."


"If you have been struggling to find a good bread product
to eat on keto, check this one out! I really like it!!"


At Fox Hill Kitchens we understand how important it is for you and your family to eat in the healthiest way possible. Now you can enjoy bread again without sacrificing flavor, texture, or the diet that has you looking and feeling your best.





If you miss bread, or are struggling to give it up, WELCOME BACK.

Fox Hill Kitchens Awesome Bunz, Bagelz, Rollz & Holz are gluten-free and grain-free; paleo and primal friendly; low in sugars and low in net carbohydrates; will not raise your blood sugar; and great for ketogenic diets; free of soy, canola, and GMO ingredients; and DELICIOUS.


What is the Paleo Diet?

The basic idea of the paleo diet is to mostly eat foods that were available before farming, herding, and factory production occurred. This means avoiding grains, legumes, dairy, added sugars and chemicals. Many people feel healthier, have an easier time managing their weight, and find that other health issues clear up when they adopt this lifestyle. Everyone has their own version of how they relate to the paleo or primal diet. Some folks find that ghee or goat cheese feels fine, while others might eat rice occasionally. It is personal.

A few words on low carbohydrate and ketogenic diet:

The definition of a low carb diet ranges around 75 or fewer grams net carbs daily.
Ketogenic diet or very low carb is generally defined as not consuming more than 20 grams net carbs per day.
Many people find that strictly limiting their carb intake makes it easier to lose weight and keep weight off. For those concerned about their blood sugar, cutting way back on carbohydrates can be helpful to help lower blood sugar issues as well as triglyceride numbers and other health markers.
This means limiting the amount of sugars and starches, including all sweeteners, pastas, potatoes, starch based flours and most fruits.

Our Awesome Bunz and products

The nutrition information on our labels is accurate, as it has been thoroughly tested at a USDA-approved lab.  The very low carb count reflects the changes that occur at various stages in the process of baking, rather than the sum of the raw ingredients.  One process in particular is proofing, during which the yeast consumes most of the very few natural sugars that occur in the ingredients.  This confirms what we suspected based on happy reviews from nutritionists and clients who watch their blood sugar who have found that our Bunz “do NOT trigger insulin production.”

Because our products are paleo and keto-friendly they are made of clean ingredients, free of grains, dairy, soy, chemicals, gmo ingredients and fun for the whole family.

Helpful Resources:

Keto Clarity, by Jimmy Moore
robbwolf.com – Robb is a wealth of information about different diets and lifestyles.
www.ruled.me – Great info, great recipes.
www.marksdailyapple.com –  Primal living in the modern world.
2ketodudes.com – Great keto podcasts
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About Our Bunz

Whether you’re looking for something the size of an English muffin or the perfect burger bun, our low-carb, grain-free, gluten-free buns are a perfect match for paleo and ketogenic diets. We conveniently offer two bread sizes, making our low-carb buns a delicious solution in a health conscious diet.

About Our Bagelz

Our Everything Double Sided Bagelz are so tasty, you won’t believe you’re eating low-carb, gluten-free bread. Isn’t it time you treated yourself once again to the perfectly toasted paleo bagel? The tenderness and flavor of our low-carb, grain-free bagels are going to knock your socks off!

About Our Croutonz

It’s hard to deny that croutons add the perfect crunch to a healthy salad, but if you are living a low-carb lifestyle, it can be impossible to find a grain-free crouton that packs the flavor and texture you desire. Awesome Croutonz are the answer you’ve been looking for.

About Rollz n Holz

Made in Vermont, our Rollz & Holz are the perfect low-carb, paleo snack when you live an active, healthy lifestyle and need gluten-free bread on the go. Our products will not raise your blood sugar. They’re perfect for those trying to maintain weight loss. Our products will help you kick the bread addiction.