Gluten Free & Keto Croutonz

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These low carb, paleo-friendly croutons are available in 4 ounce packages.  They are perfect in salads or by themselves.  With garlic, sea salt, pepper, extra-virgin olive oil, and a crunch like no other, these shelf-stable croutons will be your go-to snack.


Use our croutons for an incredible stuffing recipe.



Low-Carb, Keto, Gluten-Free, Paleo-Friendly Croutons.

These Vermont-made, low carb and paleo croutons are perfect for anyone avoiding gluten, dairy, soy, grain, additives, and excessive carbohydrates. They’re great for those trying to lose weight or maintain weight loss. Those watching their blood sugar also love our products.

At Fox Hill Kitchens, we understand how important it is for you and your family to eat in the best way possible.  Now you can enjoy delicious croutons without sacrificing flavor, texture, or the diet that has you looking and feeling your best.  Not only are they great in salads, but are the perfect on-the-go snack.

STORAGE: No need to freeze or refrigerate croutons.


Organic coconut flour, Blanched almond flour, Organic psyllium husk powder, Liquid egg whites, Organic extra-virgin olive oil, Avocado oil, Starch-free baking powder, Water, Himalayan salt, Organic garlic granules, Yeast, Organic apple cider vinegar, Organic black pepper

5 reviews for Gluten Free & Keto Croutonz

  1. Monica Harris (verified owner)

    I can’t keep them in my house for long – my whole family loves them! Satisfying mouthfeel and authentic crouton flavor.

  2. Ari Russell (verified owner)

    These were the last product we tried. I wanted to get a head start on coming up with a good keto-friendly stuffing. Well…I’ll have to hide them in the future because my husband thinks they’re his personal snack! When I opened the package to add some to a salad, there were 3 croutons left. They do add a nice texture treat to salads, but now I need to order more because there are none left for stuffing! Also like that they don’t have to be frozen…although maybe if I put them in the freezer they’d last longer!! LOL.

  3. gerhards615 (verified owner)

    These tasty croutons add the perfect crunch to salads and soups. I also use them every Thanksgiving to make a delicious stuffing. My non low-carb family members don’t even know it’s not carby bread stuffing! They are wonderful!

  4. Danielle Gardner (verified owner)

    These are the best croutons on the market!! The flavor and crunch are on point!! My whole family enjoys these as well. Knowing fox hill kitchens only puts the good stuff in their products and no added junk, these are healthy and delicious. I put these on everything!! These are great crumbled for batters and make the best bread crumbs ever!! In every salad I make these babies are in it!! Thank you so much for your awesome products. Customer for life!!

  5. suzi_rn76 (verified owner)

    These are an absolute game changer when it comes to following a keto diet! I thought I would have to give up croutons or bread crumbs…. these are so tasty and crunchy. You have a customer for life.

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