What do I do with my shipment when it arrives?

Please put the baked products directly into the freezer upon arrival. Our Croutonz and Bread Mix do not need to be frozen. Re-freezing product after thawing will not affect quality.

Can I use the bunz directly from the freezer or should they be thawed first?

You may slice and toast directly out of the freezer.

Can I toast the bunz in a toaster?

Yes, after slicing, the bunz can be toasted in a toaster or toaster oven.

Can I use the bunz untoasted?

Yes, they are delicious with butter or ghee, nut butter and honey, or as a sandwich.

How do I calculate net carbs?

The dietary fiber and sugar alcohol grams are subtracted from the total carbohydrate grams. With the large burger bun, it lists total carbohydrates at 11 grams. Subtracting the dietary fiber at 10 grams, comes to 1 gram of carbs. On the small-sized bunz, 7 total grams minus 7 grams of dietary fiber leaves 0 grams of sugars (carbs).