Keto Dessert French Toast

Whether you are craving some comfort food or an ole time favorite, either for a breakfast treat or an amazing keto dessert, this recipe for keto French Toast will blow your socks off! Low carb never tasted so good... The hazelnut chocolate spread and the chocolate...

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Keto French Toast

Keto French Toast - - eggs, Heavy cream (or coconut cream), Vanilla, Salt, Erythritol (or sweetener of choice), Fox Hill Bunz, Combine all the ingredients excluding the bunz in a medium bowl and mix well. Slice 2 large bunz in half. Place them...

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Sugar-free Chocolate sauce

Dark and delicious...who doesn't like Chocolate sauce?Sugar-free Chocolate sauce - - water, Cocoa powder, powdered Erythritol, sea salt, Vanilla, stevia, Combine the water, cocoa, and salt in a small pan. Whisk until smooth and bring to a...

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Keto Whipped Cream

Delicious and simple keto, low carb whipped cream. This recipe is one of my family's go-to's! We use it with anything that we coffee, on top of keto french toast or low carb pancakes, with berries, with keto desserts, or by itself to satisfy the need for...

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Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

Hazelnut Chocolate Spread - - Toasted Hazelnuts, Salt, Erythritol powdered, Vanilla, Cocoa powder, To toast raw hazelnuts, bake raw skin on nuts at 350 for around 5 minutes, or until medium golden in color. Put them in clean dish towel and rub...

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