$75 Gift Card


Wondering what on earth you are going to get your friends and family for the holidays? Your niece is halfway across the country, Aunt Sherri is on a gluten-free diet, and Grandpa has to watch his sugars which is especially hard this time of year.

Luckily, we have a gift that is perfect for all of them, Fox Hill Kitchens Gift Cards of course! Holiday shopping just got checked off your list!

To add a $75 Gift Card to your cart, you must FIRST be logged into your account. You can log in or register for an account by visiting the My Account Page.


This gift certificate has a value of $75 at Fox Hill Kitchens’ Official Website.

Purchasing gift cards is simple! Make sure you are logged into your Fox Hill Kitchens account, choose the dollar amount, enter your recipient’s email address, and click add to cart. They’ll get your gift certificate in their inbox as soon as your order is complete. And don’t worry, Fox Hill Kitchens Gift Cards never expire!

Holiday, birthday, and all other gift shopping just got checked off your list. You’re welcome.


How to Purchase Gift Cards

To purchase a $75 Gift Card you must first be logged into your account. You can log in or register for an account visiting the My Account Page.

Once logged into your account, complete the following steps:

  1. Choose the amount you would like to send
  2. Add the recipients email in the “To” space
  3. Add your email in the “From” space
  4. Optional: Add a personalized message
  5. When you are ready to checkout, double check all the information in the cart is correct!


Want to send recipes with your 75 gift card?

Make sure to add links to your favorite recipes when sending your $75 gift card!


Fine Print

Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase gift cards.


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