What Are Small Bunz By Fox Hill Kitchens?

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What Are Small Bunz By Fox Hill Kitchens?

Vermont-made low-carb, paleo, and ketogenic bread, buns, bagels, and croutons provide delicious options that are free from gluten, dairy, soy, grains, additives, and excess carbohydrates – without any added sugars per serving size – making these great foods for anyone wanting to eat well and feel great.

Are Small Bunz By Fox Hill Kitchens Keto?

Vermont-made Low Carb, Grain Free, Paleo and Ketogenic bread is designed for anyone who’s trying to cut back on dairy, gluten, grains, additives or excessive carbohydrates and sugar, including diabetics. Made with organic coconut flour, blanched almond flour, psyllium husk powder Himalayan salt and yeast this keto-friendly bread boasts no added sugars and zero net carbs per serving – plus they are naturally low-calorie and nutrient dense! Small Bunz By Fox Hill Kitchens are guaranteed delicious and irresistibly satisfying and delicious! 

Are Small Bunz By Fox Hill Kitchens Paleo?

Paleo eaters understand the importance of avoiding gluten and other grains known to cause various health conditions, which is why when following this diet it is best to choose buns and bread products made with almond flour or other grain free ingredients, making Fox Hill Kitchens products suitable for Paleo dieters easy to locate on shelves.

Julie and Hilary Fox-McClure founded Fox-McClure Nutritionals LLC after moving to northern Vermont with their children Zoe and Owen to live a healthier lifestyle together. Through low carb dieting they found relief in maintaining weight loss as well as relieving digestive issues with Paleo diet eating.

All their products are created with only pure, healthy ingredients that are completely natural, without artificial flavors or preservatives added during production. Their team bakes each item in small batches without using artificial flavors or preservatives; buns and bagels are baked in a bakery using all-natural lard and organic coconut oil as well as cage free eggs and organic psyllium husk powder to bake delicious buns and bagels!
These products are also dairy-, GMO- and sugar-free, making them the ideal solution for anyone avoiding dairy, gluten, soy, grain additives or excessive carbohydrates while enjoying delicious sandwiches without giving up their favorite foods – perfect for diabetics and anyone watching their carb intake!

Are Small Bunz By Fox Hill Kitchens Gluten Free?

Small Bunz By Fox Hill Kitchens make gluten-free bread that tastes great, looks authentic and is healthy easy! Their bread is composed of various flours and ingredients for maximum texture and flavor, without any artificial additives or chemicals; making it the ideal solution for people on restrictive diets.

These breads are low in carbohydrates, making them a great option for people watching their carb intake or dealing with diabetes. Furthermore, they’re an ideal food choice to support healthier living while helping individuals feel their best.
Vermont Made Crackers are made using only premium ingredients and boast zero dairy or GMO products as well as being sugar-free in any serving size. Perfect toasted or untoasted for sandwiches, burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches and much more, they arrive frozen but will thaw during shipping to keep fresh for eating later! Buy 6 bundles to save 9% and take advantage of free shipping – perfect to keep in the freezer until ready for consumption.

Are Small Bunz By Fox Hill Kitchens Grain Free?

Maintaining a grain-free diet can be challenging, with bread’s tempting aroma calling us from every bakery case and its fluffy goodness making giving up bread nearly impossible. That’s why Julie Fox-McClure created Small Bunz by Fox Hill Kitchens; delicious low-carb buns and bagels designed to help stick with eating plans without compromising taste or texture!

Fox Hill Kitchens bread offers a tasty yet nutritious alternative to products with higher carbohydrates and more additives, while still being free from artificial preservatives, GMO ingredients and added sugars – making it the ideal option for anyone on a grain-free diet seeking healthier living!

Grain-free foods have been linked with enhanced digestive health and decreased chronic inflammation, making them particularly useful for those living with food intolerances, autoimmune conditions or metabolic disorders such as diabetes. Furthermore, eating grain-free can help people lose weight more easily while supporting a healthier body composition.

While they offer various flavors, the company places great emphasis on using natural and clean ingredients that don’t include anything artificial or genetically modified – such as organic coconut and almond flours, psyllium husk powder, apple cider vinegar, avocado oil, starch-free baking powder Himalayan pink sea salts, Himalayan salts and yeast for their breads.

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