We are Gearing up for Paleo f(x) 2016! Join us at this Wellness-Focused, Life-Changing, and Interactive Event.

paleo f(x) booth

Have you heard of the inspiring event Paleo f(x)? I would guess that you are someone who is striving to live a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

For many of us, that means trying to get outside more, play and move more, and eat food that nourishes us and makes us feel well. The event that exemplifies, teaches, and shares so many aspects of that lifestyle is the Paleo f(x) gathering, which is why I am happy to see that Paleo f(x) 2016 tickets are now available for sale. I am so excited! We will be getting ours early this year, as they sold out the last two years.

Fox Hill Kitchens at Paleo f(x)

Paleo f(x) 2015 for Fox Hill Kitchens was our debut moment where we sampled out our paleo bread, Awesome Bunz, for the first time, to a very appreciative crowd of several thousand discerning, food conscious, paleo and paleo-curious people.

Being a vendor was wonderfully fun and rewarding. We were nervous at first and had no idea of what to expect, but that quickly dissipated as the organizers, staff, attendees, and most especially, the other vendors made us feel so welcome and part of the tribe.

Welcome Back to Bread at Paleo f(x)

The joyous response from so many folks who said that they “hadn’t had bread in years” just made us giddy. We never got tired of the surprised look people made when they handled the bunz and were shocked the texture was soft moist and spongy, like the bread they remembered and missed. One attendee actually wept when she tasted the bread. It is such a pleasure to be creating a product that is so well received.

We are already looking forward to seeing many of you again at Paleo f(x) 2016.

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